The Cubs are a mere 3.5 games back of the Brew Crew, and Brewers fans seem to be getting a little testy. Now, I understand that it must be frustrating to be the fan of a first place team with the best record in the league and have to listen to the media devote twice as much attention to the team behind you, but, in this case, it’s completely understandable. The Cubs have been better as of late,–the best team in baseball since June 1–play in a bigger market, have more fans in more places around the country, and have a more storied history. They’re a better story. The Brewers, with their gobs of homegrown talent, smart money management, and…sausage races are a good story. The Cubs, with their $300 million spent, their turnaround after a bad first two months, and their recent good play, are a very good story. This is how the sports media works, and I suspect that most Milwaukee fans know that; they just can’t keep their inferiority complex about their city from inciting them to lash out at the sports media.

I don’t feel like wading through the oodles of misspelled crap to find it again, but there was one thread on that same site–, where all 6 Brewers fans congregate to congratulate themselves on their small-market moral superiority–in which someone bemoaned that the media has called the Cubs’ 18-5 since June 22 a “hot streak” given that those wins have come at the expense of bad teams. I found this interesting for the following reason:

Brewers W-L vs. teams >=.500: 20-23

Cubs W-L vs. teams >=.500: 21-21

Brewers W-L vs. teams<.500: 34-18

Cubs W-L vs. teams<.500: 29-23

The conclusion: the Brewers’ success is based almost entirely on beating up bad teams! So is the Cubs’ success, of course, but people in glass houses…

I used to like the Brew Crew when they were harmless, but now they’re good, and their fans have gotten a little cocky. But if you can look past the city envy, you’ll see some genuine sweat pouring down their cheeks and onto their beer bellies.