Today is the rubber match in the Cubs/Astros series, and I, for one, am a bit concerned.   Why?  For the mighty Woody Williams is on the mound for the Astros.

Here is Williams’ line this year in his 26 appearances (25 starts) against teams other than the Cubs:

150 2/3 IP, 7-12, 5.38 ERA, 176 H, 38 BB, 78 K, 28 HR (!!!!!!!)

That, friends, is a bad pitcher.  He has made three starts against the Cubs this year.  His line:

19 IP, 1-1, 2.37 ERA, 14 H, 7 BB, 14 K, 1 HR

Wow.  That is disgusting.  The Cubs managed to beat him on June 11th, but only because Z was awesome.  Otherwise, they’ve just plain sucked against the 40-year-old veteran piece of crap this year.

As for individual hitters’ career numbers against Williams, Jason Kendall has murdered him, as has Cliff Floyd.  Aramis Ramirez has been OK, Derrek Lee somewhat bad, and the rest of the Cubs with significant track records pretty putrid against Williams.  Mike Fontenot is 3 for 6 with a double off of Williams, so hopefully we’ll see him rather than DeRosa (2 for 13 lifetime off Williams) at second base.  Optimal lineup?  I don’t know, something like:

Soriano LF

Theriot SS

Lee 1B

Ramirez 3B

Floyd RF

Kendall C

Fontenot 2B

Jones CF

Hill P

Rich Hill has only faced the Astros once, and he was very good against them (7 IP, 1 ER, 6 K on August 6th).   If the Cubs lose again to Woody freaking Williams today, I’m pretty much gonna lose it.