Coming into this past series against the Marlins, I felt the same way I did last year when the Bears were going to play Arizona on Monday Night Football: irrationally scared. It turned out in both cases that my fear was warranted, though at least the Bears managed to come back and win in improbable fashion; the Cubs just lost. In football, they call those games “trap games,” but I’m not sure an equivalent term exists in baseball.

Luckily, the Brewers managed to gain only a game and half, losing to a depleted Cardinals team and the Padres. Ned Yost continues to be a moron, and Ryan Braun continues to cut into his offensive value by being a terrible defender, making three errors in last night’s game.

The magic number is thus 2. I doubt the Brewers will win the next three against Maddux, Young, and potentially Peavy, but they could very well win two. That means the Cubs might have to not get swept–yikes! I won’t go over the matchups, since most of the pitchers involved in the last series between these two teams are pitching again in this series, but I will remind all two of you that the Cubs will not have to contend with Griffey and Dunn. This is a huge break, especially for Zambrano. Gotta win one; two would be nice.