Brandon Webb is good at baseball.  Sometimes people who are good at baseball beat you, and there’s not much you can do about it.  Yes, Carlos Marmol gave up two runs; that wasn’t the problem.  The Cubs hitters simply couldn’t get it done against Mr. Webb, and that’s not really an indictment of them so much as a compliment of Mr. Webb.

Doug Davis is mediocre at baseball.  Ted Lilly has actually been very similar to Davis in his career, except this year he’s been significantly better.  The Cubs should win tonight, what with their “better hitting,” and if they do, this series goes back to Chicago tied, and the Cubs have a great chance to win it.  However, if they lose, it’s almost certainly over.  So, no pressure!  But seriously, let’s get some runs early and put Davis to bed, then feast on the bad half of the D’Backs’ bullpen.  I don’t want a close game tonight.

This game–not last night’s game–is the crucial one in this series.