Via LOHO, a fine Cubs blog if ever there was one, comes news from the Tribune that Lou is considering using a sensible regular lineup this year:

With Kosuke Fukudome batting second, where does that leave Ryan Theriot?

Probably in the No. 7 slot, according to manager Lou Piniella.

“I don’t think we have many choices in that regard, so if we were to hit Fukudome second, [Mark] DeRosa would hit fifth and [Geovany] Soto sixth,” he said. “You can see why I’ve been trying to stretch the lineup a little.”

Hooray!  Now, of course Soriano should not be leading off, but apparently that’s impossible.  Given that constraint, I think this is about as good a lineup as you could make.  I might switch DeRosa and Soto and maybe even Pie and Theriot, but those would be minor changes; the key is that everyone is in their correct “half” of the lineup.  I realize lineups don’t matter, for the most part, but at the very least it will be nice not to have to fume at Lou for batting Theriot second every time I sit down to watch a game.