Not really. But let’s be honest: 1-3 is not good, and 1-4 is even worse, and that’s what the Cubs are staring at if they can’t find a way to beat Roy Oswalt later today. I do not like Roy Oswalt, but he is, of course, one of the best pitchers in the league. Opposing him today will be Jason Marquis, who is not one of the best pitchers in the league. What to watch out for:

1) Berkman, Lee, Wiggington

All three have faced Marquis a lot, and all three have hit him HARD. Berkman in particular tees off against the Staten Island Suckmeister, having posted a 1.409 OPS against Marquis during his career.

2) DeRosa!

Mark DeRosa has faced Oswalt 18 times and gotten 9 hits, including 4 doubles! Unfortunately, none of the other Cubs with a significant number of plate appearances against Oswalt has fared very well, although Derrek Lee (.262/.340/.476 in 47 PAs) has not sucked, either.

Look, this matchup does not look good on paper; let’s prepare ourselves to be 1-4 (eck) but hope that the Cubs can somehow replicate the magic of this game from last July when they pounded Oswalt. (Strangely, the Franco-Cubs (Theriot, Fontenot, Jacque Jones) didn’t fare well that day, despite it being Bastille Day.) I would kind of like to see Ronny Cedeño in there today (gulp): he’s had some success in his career against Oswalt (small sample size, I know, I know), and Theriot isn’t exactly hitting the cover off the ball so far this year. I’m sure Lou would stick Ronny near the bottom of the lineup and move Fukudome up to the second slot, which would be nice to see. Here’s hoping.